Welcome to Acharya’s House of Yoga in Sydney

Acharya’s House of Yoga teaches an authentic and original Indian style of hatha yoga in our quiet, peaceful and spacious yoga studio in the heart of Sydney city.

Acharya’s House of Yoga was established several decades ago when a young Indian yogi was instructed by his guru to teach yoga in Australia. The young man took the name Acharya, and set up a school in Sydney in 1968. After moving to the Pitt St location, where Acharya lived and taught, the centre grew and flourished.

Acharya’s classes offer yoga at beginner, regular and intensive level, for progressive improvements.

Yoga postures (asana) focus on the health of the spine, keeping it strong yet flexible. Asana help to promote relaxation and reduce stress by supplying the spinal cord with a rich source of nutrition through the various postures.

The internal organs receive massage and simulation though these movements, especially in twisting postures and forward bends. This in turn balances our emotions, improving our mental outlook.

Yogic breathing exercises called Pranayama nourish the nervous system. An increased amount of oxygen and Prana (life force) is stored in the body. Our mind is greatly affected by our breath, and yogis for thousands of years have practiced control of the mind by control of the breath. The secret knowledge of healing is said to be that all diseases of the body can be destroyed at the root by controlling and regulating the Prana.

Relaxation happens on three levels; physical, mental and spiritual. To submit physically into asana has countless benefits, our muscles, and even our internal organs, go into a deep relaxation. On a mental level we let go of our stress and mental tiredness, the mind becomes calm and clear. On a spiritual level we start to surrender our self-identification with the body and mind.

Our classes will help you to progress your journey into yoga with classical pranayamas, bandhas, mudras and progressively stronger levels of postures.